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TGA is growing a strong reputation as being one of the best live music venues in Ipswich. Every weekend we aim to bring you the best local cover bands and national tribute bands  currently touring the circuit.
Every Friday and Saturday from 9pm, you can see a wide variety of music from rock to ska, funk to reggae and acoustic to soul. We have had great local bands such as:
  • Ska and reggae band, The Downsetters.
  • 70s glam rockers, The Glamtastics.
  • Premier rock band,  Colourblind Hedgehogs.
  • 80s pop band, PopGun.
Along with top tribute bands such as:
  • Purple Rain, Prince.
  • Noasis, Oasis.
  • Let There B D/C, ACDC.
  • Pity the Foo, Foo Fighters.
If you are interested in having your band play, or would like to know more about what live music we are offering, email us here and we will give you everything you need to know. All our events are listed on this website and our Gardeners Arms facebook page, so drop us a ‘like’ to keep up to date!